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Hovering Ball Toy

Hovering Ball Toy

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Want to have fun with your family and friends at night? Explore the joy at your hands while throwing this Hovering Ball Toy on air!

A perfect interactive simulation for both kids and adults that glides smoothly on any surface and flies back like a boomerang, leaving no damage at all!

This hand drone is equipped with scintillating RGB lights, making it more appealing in the dark.

Designed with an aerodynamic spherical wheel, powered by a micro USB cable and premium battery, this allows quick charging for longer and faster flying. Made of high-quality materials, totally safe, lightweight, and crashworthy. Toss it back and forth and have the best flying time ever!

Material: Polypropylene
Size: 95mm x 95mm x 95mm
Shape: Spherical
Net Weight: 27 grams
Color: Red, Blue, Purple
Age Rendered: for children above 6 years old

Product Includes
1 x Hovering Ball Toy

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