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Meatball Scoop Ball Maker

Meatball Scoop Ball Maker

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Make and shape the perfect meatball quick and easy using the Meatball Scoop Ball Maker!

This handy kitchen helper molds ground meat into perfectly shaped balls in seconds.

It tightly packs meat into uniformly sized balls, creating even portions and ensuring they all cook at the same rate.

Featuring a scissor-like design, it’s easy and intuitive for anyone to use. It’s durably made and suitable for use on other foods such as potatoes, ice cream and more.


  • Perfect Meatballs - Molds ground meat into perfectly shaped balls in seconds.
  • Uniform SIze - Creates uniformly sized balls for even portions and to ensure they cook at the same rate.
  • Easy to Use - It’s intuitive, scissor-like design makes it easy to use with little discomfort thanks to its ergonomic handle.

  • Widely Applicable - Also suitable for scooping mashed potatoes, dumplings, rice balls, ice cream and more.
  • Quality Material - Durably made from food-grade stainless steel that’s safe to use and long-lasting.
  • Different Sizes - Available in small and large sizes to satisfy your needs.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: S (16 cm x 3.5 cm), L (16 cm x 4.8 cm)

Product Includes
1 x Kitchen Gadgets Meatball Scoop Ball Maker 

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